On behalf of LEZR’s team,

We have lunched the LEZRWEB in English language. Most of the previous articles will be translated to English in the coming days. Then, we will write articles in both languages. The similarity in articles will be 80%. As there are many articles could not be translated or have been recorded in Video. So, we will do our best to publish all the useful information and knowledge about Information Technology.

Any volunteer can write posts in the website, is welcome under the organization vision, mission, and principles. We believe that, all what we will provide, is going to help the public and educate them; on how to use the exchange of the information with the technology.

As we believe in the knowledge that will benefit the community in terms of exchange of information, and may lie link to education and culture and facilitate the daily events and the development of their work and take advantage of their time spent, especially in their spare time. LEZR website has facilitated the participation of community members and IT enthusiasts in all areas and clearly show more young and enthusiastic IT enthusiasts who offer a better presentation. Set up a laser network by establishing a fair, creative, effective, efficient, effective, efficient, effective, efficient and effective system.

We will provide the latest news related to the Information technology. Our lessons will be beneficial for all the IT’s users. Besides, we will provide lessons for managing the servers. Additionally, we will focus on the security side as it is very important in current time.



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