In this article we will explain how to install video player VLC on Kali Linux distribution where many may want to play educational or entertainment videos on the system.

Follow the steps to know how we can install VLC on Kali Linux and other distributions .

VLC Installation 

First,update packages using the command :

apt-get update

to install the VLC execute the command :

root@lezr:~#apt-get install vlc


install VLC

A message may appear asking you to confirm the installation and take the space Select OK Y and wait for the download and installation automatically.

Now the video player has been installed but may not work directly and you are using the root user by typing the vlc command where a message will appear:

VLC is not supposed to be run as root. Sorry.
If you need to use real-time priorities and/or privileged TCP ports.
you can use vlc-wrapper (make sure it is Set-UID root and.
cannot be run by non-trusted users first).

You can solve this problem by using this command:

root@lezr:~# sed -i s/geteuid/getppid/g /usr/bin/vlc


VLC linux
Video Player on linux

Enjoy now watching videos on Kali Linux.

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