What is Drupal? Download Drupal

What is Drupal? Download Drupal

What is Drupal? Download Drupal Drupal is a community-driven, open-source content management system (CMS). Millions of people and organizations use it to create and maintain their websites all around the world.
Many top businesses and government organizations, including the Government of Australia, Red Cross, Harvard, The Economist, BBC, NBC News, Whole Foods, Cisco, Twitter, and many others, use Drupal without even realizing it.

Drupal is free software distributed under the GNU General Public License.

This implies it has intrinsic advantages over proprietary software in terms of cost, flexibility, freedom, security, and responsibility.
Drupal, for example, is open source and can be modified and extended by anybody.
This prevents “vendor lock-in” and allows users all over the world to monitor Drupal’s underlying code for compliance and security vulnerabilities and immediately change them.

Innovation – A Platform for digital innovation and ideas

At leading companies like Weather.com and NBCUniversal, Drupal enables continuous digital innovation.
Marketers and web developers can use Drupal to create and manage fantastic web, mobile, and social experiences.
They may also improve and adapt swiftly because to the Drupal community’s continual innovation and ideas.

Speed – Build new sites and experiences faster

In digital marketing, speed is crucial.
A platform that enables digital-first organizations to move swiftly and capitalize on commercial possibilities is required.
Drupal’s adaptable platform enables marketers and developers to avoid bottlenecks and delays, allowing them to operate a lean and agile team and deliver incredible experiences.

Scalability – World’s busiest sites run on Drupal

For the world’s busiest websites, such as GRAMMY.com and The Olympics, where failure is not an option, Drupal is enterprise-ready.
In addition to supporting high-traffic sites, Drupal will expand with your business and brands for your next-generation digital transformation, allowing you to evolve without missing a beat.

 Download Drupal

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