Important lesson for SEO 

Important lesson for SEO

First Speed test ( ) Important lesson for SEO

Collect all the mistakes and the wrong things.

Check the page authority and seo score.
I’ve put this chart together to help you understand how your site fares from a DA perspective.
DA Rating
1-10 Poor – Your site is young and weak. You have a lot of growing to do.
11-20 Decent. Your site isn’t stellar, but you’re doing better. It would be good to grow.
21-30 Fair. Your site shows signs of SEO, but there are many things you can and should do to improve.
31-40 Competitive. A lot of startups find themselves in this DA range. It’s not bad, and you’re beginning to get close to the sweet spot.
41-50 Good. Now, you’re getting somewhere. This is a nice place to be, and many good e-commerce sites find themselves squarely in this category.
51-60 Strong. As you swing out of the lower half of the scale, you’re beginning to get much healthier. This is a good place to be.
61-70 Excellent. A DA at this level represents a great site with a lot of recognition, a lot of link backs, and a considerable authority in its niche. Many .edus are in this space.
71-80 Outstanding. You’re dominating in the SERPs and owning your niche. Quick Sprout is a 73.
81-90 Very outstanding. You’re in the upper echelons of authority. You can consider yourself to have arrived.

91-100 Rare. These sites are household names — Wikipedia, Facebook, New York Times, etc. Your site will probably never attain this level. Only a miniscule fraction of a percentage of sites on the Internet ever get this high.


content must be more than 300 words. Image…
Meta Description.

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